The Daily Nice, a website created by photographer Jason Evans, has been building a cult following on the internet since 2004. A direct play on the Daily Mail newspaper title, Evans challenged himself to adopt a more positive mental attitude to the world around him, and this brilliant website is the result.

Evans has been uploading one photograph of something that makes him happy, every day, for the last 11 years. Such a lovely concept that is immediate, fun and very straight forward. After one day the image is taken down and up pops another one. Themes do emerge at times, colours, flowers, stripes can take over for days on end depending on what view of the world Evan’s feels like sharing. The nicest theme of all however is Evans actively looking out for good things to capture every day with his camera.

The website is reassuringly lo- fi. There is no archive, no social media activation, just that one single photo. It comes complete with a charming replay button in case you want to see it again and a statement declaring that the 'Daily Nice is about my enthusiasm for looking and being’. Very nice indeed. Jason Evans is represented by We Folk.

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