Pronounced Jee-clay (or zee-clay if you're a bit pretentious and want to sound French). These are amazing archival, gallery quality fine art digital prints. The printing technique combines laying down pigment based inks at super high DPI resolution on high quality fine art paper stock to produce vibrant colour intensity and excellent black density, they are loved by illustrators and photographers alike.

These prints often have a delicate surface so we recommend extra care when handling and framing.


Indigo is a market leading digital printing technology that produces litho quality prints in a fraction of the time and avoids a costly and wasteful set-up process. Indigo is a digital press that uses a 7 colour "ElectroInk" which is a liquid toner. Colours stand out and are accurate, the resolution is greater and solid blocks are smoother.

Screen print

Our screen prints are usually created by hand and printed by the artist in limited edition print runs. This involved process and level of detail includes creating screens and printing each individual colour separately, this ensures an extremely high quality result that is true to the artist’s original concept. Screen printing produces subtle transparent shades and deep vivid colours that give a luminosity and depth to the final artwork. Specialist inks and finishes can also be applied such as metallic, fluorescent and overlaid varnishes. 

C Type

‘C’ (Chromagenic) Type silver-based digital prints are the highest-quality prints for serious photography and printed on a selection of professional quality papers.

These digital prints are processed in a photographic developer, followed by bleach fix before being washed to remove the processing chemicals the same way as a traditional photographic print is made.

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