There are not many things in life I love more than cycling. And cycling in a city like London. Jumping on my bike in the morning and heading to work gives my mind the space to plan my day and just the right amount of exercise to keep the rest of me happy too. And when I finish work the journey home on my bike helps offload some of the dramas accumulated and unwind nicely into the evening.

However while it might feel quite tribal being stopped at a traffic light in London with twenty other cyclists there is no getting away from the daily arguments and animosity between cyclists, pedestrians, lorries, taxis and bus drivers that has become an unfortunate part of the fabric of commuting in this city.

How very nice of KK Outlet then, in their new summer show, Commute Nice London, to use the power of positive messaging to encourage a mutual respect for all road users of every vehicle, even if that vehicle is our own two legs. To turn our hate-filled roads into happy roads. To stop accepting the status quo, to offer a friendly hand to our fellow commuter and make the city a happier place to travel in.

KK Outlet have brought together an absolutely stellar line up of illustrators, artists and graphic designers, including Alex May Hughes / Annu Kilpeläinen / Anthony Burrill
 / Biff / David Hardy for Bolt / Chrissie Abbott / Craig and Karl / Crispin Finn / Dorothy / Fred Butler / Hattie Stewart
 / Jordy van den Nieuwendijk / Laura Callaghan / Luke Miller / Martin Nicolausson / Matt H Booth / Ornamental Conifer / Pam et Jenny / Pat Bradbury / Pâté / Peter Judson / Sam Dunn / Saskia Pomeroy / Satta / Steven Wilson / Supermundane / Suzi Kemp / Ute Geisler / We Three Club and Yoko Honda. All of them tackle the problem of hate filled commuting with positive, beautifully crafted and design-led messages.

So Don’t Get Mad – Get Rad and pop down to KK Outlet tonight for the opening of Commute Nice London. Spread the word and to get as many eyes on Commute Nice London as you can, there’s such an amazing array of contributions from London, UK and worldwide. Hopefully it will indeed encourage and inspire each and everyone one of us to be less rushed on the roads – and in the words of Luke Miller ‘Stop Shuvin’ And Start Luvin’!

All the poster artwork prints are for sale, including Alex May Hughes print, A Cyclist Is Just A Friend You Haven’t Cut Up Yet, a unique, one-off glass piece that she’s lovingly produced completely by hand, incorporating various different types of gold leaf.

So the next time you are on your favorite mode of transportation dont forget to Stop, Look and Smile because in the words of Supermundane We Are All Heading In The Same Direction.
Commute Nice London at KK Outlet, launch party tonight Thursday 2 July 7-9pm. Exhibition open till July 31st.

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