As we were putting the first issue of Intern together, there was one story in particular that perfectly epitomised the positive, insightful editorial line that I was striving for. It was the tale of a Parsons New School illustration student and her tutor, the mighty Mike Perry. Mike had noticed that Vincy’s work stood out from day one, but in presentations, she was at times a little meek and it seemed like her quietness may well hold her back.

It was then a little surprise when a couple of months into her first semester of her major, she asked if she could intern with Mike. For a couple of months, she spent three days a week working alongside him and learning all about his artistic process. Just as importantly, she got to see what the day-to-day of a successful artist entailed.

From a personal point of view, this was the first time I had arranged an interview to take place in another country, involving five people that I’d never met. My nerves were soothed a great deal though when Ella (our writer) and Anna (our photographer and videographer) arranged to meet Vincy for coffee a few days beforehand to discuss the piece. Sure enough the interview went to plan and the feature graced the centre spread of our first ever issue. It seemed though, a real waste to interview Vincy but not ask her to illustrate something elsewhere in the mag.

We were working on a piece with D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay at the time and while we had some photographs to play with, it seemed a great opportunity to see what Vincy could create for us. I remember the moment that her initial sketches came throgh, I was ecstatic. She sent three ideas and they were all too good to turn down. Packed full of character, wit and in total harmony with the story, I came to realise just what Mike Perry had talked about when praising her 'mad skills'.

It was another really proud moment when I learned that our Editorial Assistant in Issue One, Colleen Chen, had commissioned Vincy to design the logo for Interns Australia. The 'elephant' logo went on to inspire a number of campaign slogans on the advocacy group’s campaign, which raised over $10000 AUD.

Vincy has a style that always brings a smile to my face. It’s one thing to be able to draw, another to so brilliantly inject joy into any given subject. One of her recent projects that I find myself shamelessly addicted to is 10 Second Portrait where she looks at a stranger for ten seconds then sketches them in pen. Her ability in that slim time to capture and create a character is a real joy. There is consistent evidence of her observant eye, picking out clothing, mannerisms or actions to build the mini-portraits around. I’d love to share a train ride with her someday to see who she’s drawn to (no pun intended) as a subject from a full carriage.

To my delight, her work is starting to make an impact around the world. From branding for House Roots Coffee in LA to Dutch publishing house Boekie Boekie’s Alice in Wonderland release, she is now working towards her first ever solo show. Taking place this August in Singapore, we’ve got a few work-in-progress shots to share with you. Be sure to click the link below and take a trip round Vincy’s brilliant little portfolio site. As means of a treasure hunt, somewhere on there is an interview I did with her for Intern’s Meet The Team series. Top marks to those of you who manage to track it down.

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