Girls and Flowers, the stunning first book from Kristin Vicari, landed on my desk last week, beautifully packaged with a little flower. It might just be the best valentine's present I have ever received. The pages are hypnotising. Full of quiet, elegant, beautifully lit still life photos of flowers, shot from her apartment in Paris interwoven with the girls Kristin photographs so effortlessly, at her country home, Le Perche, in Normandy.

At the heart of Kristin’s earlier work is a sense of freedom and exploration, like we are being taken on some epic road trip through the dusty roads of New Mexico, Arizona, The Mid West, New Orleans, the country roads of France or the Lakes of Nakura in Kenya with its striking similarity to her home town swamps of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We get the impression, through her earlier work of someone searching for the subcultures, getting lost in the desert, finding the vagabonds, the rebels, the tortured kids skipping school, the delinquents, tackling demons, feeling alive. It is unsurprising that Diesel has commissioned Vicari twice for their commercial campaigns.

This new Girls and Flowers body of work however introduces us to a photographer who has grown up and whose earlier journeys have opened her eyes to the beauty in the world. These new photos are the sophisticated and elegant product of this discovery.

In person Vicari is one the most modest photographers I have ever met. She seems to have no idea quite how good she really is. It makes her work all the more beautiful.

Kristin Vicari’s tumblr is called The Nothing.
Her photographs, however, could never be called that.
Kristin Vicari is represented worldwide by Natalia at Bernstein and Andrulli.
Girls and Flowers will be available to buy in our shop from July.

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